MIND A green reinassance

Built on the former Milan ExpoArea, MIND is the new innovation district in the heart of Europe. Here public entities, private companies and even competitors work together to develop products, projects, and services to improve people's lives and revamp Italy's creative allure and economic power.

Project Master plan


Where innovation takes place

With an extension of 1 million sqm, Mind is the new landmark
in an international scenario: a research hub where great thinkers
can meet and ideas blossom.

Inspiration won’t be just in the air because projects and intuition will easily find their place on Earth thanks to the Private Companies and Public Institutions set in the area.

A city in a city

Close to the airport and just 20 minutes from the city center, MIND is midway between Italy’s economic core and the rest of Europe.
The hub will be a new flagship for Milano, benefiting from its worldwide prestige and business turnover, worth 175 billion euros.

Thanks to its strategic position and the well-known milanese entrepreneurial attitude, the Lombardy capital attracts excellence in any field. With its fascinating landscape that mixes skyscrapers and ancient buildings, Milano is the vibrant center of Italian business and cultural life.

Milano Duomo 25min

Roma 3h 20min

Torino 38 min

Venezia 2h 47min

Malpensa Airport 20min

Linate Airport 30min

Orio al Serio Airport 45min


Step by step toward the future

To turn the MIND project into a reality, LendLease fosters stakeholders’ collaboration, ensures institutional commitment, and involves public and private entities. That way, timings are respected, and the site can have an organic development.