West Gate

Embodies the MIND philosophy and opens up a new horizon for urban regeneration.
Because progress means high quality of life; it means respecting the environment; it means privacy but human relations; it means having access to the best technologies and the power to switch them off whenever a walk in the park sounds like a better plan.


Horizon Image


The perfect spaces for a new open, modern, exciting way of work

Horizon is designed with state-of-the-art materials to foster cooperation between talents.

A building with flex and multipurpose approach and a privileged contact with the vibrant “green and blue” common ground.

Lobby, Retail & Welcome area together with wide open co-working spaces and Conference center are designed to nurture share innovation.

Molo Image


A green architecture

This futurist architecture is the perfect place where to pursue innovation.

Its green attitude will relax and inspire workers, while its labs and offices will welcome research teams. Moreover, this multistory building will provide car parking, canteen, shops, and warehouses.