West Gate TO WORK

Where ideas have space to grow, blossom and spread. West Gate workplaces are designed to foster cooperation and help researchers focus on their projects.


The perfect spaces for a new open, modern, exciting way of work

Horizon is designed with state-of-the-art materials to foster cooperation between talents.

A building with flex and multipurpose approach and a privileged contact with the vibrant “green and blue” common ground.

Lobby, Retail & Welcome area together with wide open co-working spaces and Conference center are designed to nurture share innovation.


A green architecture

This futurist architecture is the perfect place where to pursue innovation.

Its green attitude will relax and inspire workers, while its labs and offices will welcome research teams. Moreover, this multistory building will provide car parking, canteen, shops, and warehouses.


A multi-purpose building

Work has been fast evolving in the past few years: digital and real-life moments seamlessly blend, while there’s no longer a partition between formal and informal.

Zenith embraces this new flex approach. Here professionals can find comfortable and luminous co-working spaces or choose an office for their team. They can pitch their work in one of the conference rooms or take a break enjoying the Common Ground facilities.

Innovation Hub

Where business and fun meet

The meeting place where great thinkers connect, nurturing innovation every day. It’s the place to be within the Westgate area. Here business and fun mix in perfect balance.

Each floor has a mood and function: the panoramic terrace is the ideal spot to impress business partners; the experience center gives space to art and exhibitions; the offices and the flex office can welcome long brainstorming sessions or individual research; the co-working and the conservatory cafe will be the perfect meeting place for those who want to share idea